Fancy Pants Kettle

Having just watched the trailer for Objectified I was thinking about a device I enjoy everyday largely because of its design, our Breville SK500XL Ikon Electric Kettle. In terms of functionality it does little beyond a normal tea kettle – sure, it is a bit faster to heat up and will automatically turn itself off, but that hardly justifies the cost. Instead it is among a handful of devices where the satisfaction from using it far exceeds the the pure capabilities of the thing. Another example in this select group is the Tivo Premium remote.

The kettle has a pleasant look, done in stainless steel with a sturdy, black handle and blue backlight to show how much water is in it. The weight distribution feels right, even when very full, and the size of the mouth makes it easy to pour. But any list of features and specific design elements misses the overall feeling one gets from using a device, since it is people that assign attitudes & tastes to inanimate objects. Perhaps I’m positively biased because the Breville kettle is part of my daily coffee addiction, but it is rare to find a gadget that so nicely fulfills its function.