Drive-By Truckers

The Drive-By Truckers played a fantastic, sold-out show at the Paradise on Saturday. A two hour set of their southern rock “three axe attack”, capped with a long encore, included a lot off Brighter Than Creation’s Dark like the great “Righteous Path” and some older ones like “Sink Hole”, “Hell No, I Ain’t Happy”, “Marry Me” and “Let There Be Rock”. It was enough to restore the Globe’s faith in rock n’ roll, complete with drinking Jack Daniel’s on stage and smoking despite Boston’s ban (which passes for modern day rebellion). And I heard a less cleaned-up version of what the Herald quotes Cooley as saying,

"Or you can just burn it [their new album] for all your friends...Hell, we don’t care."

The crowd loved it all – singing along while throwing up the devil horns and spilling drinks.