Speed test for mobile phones. The results for my iPhone over EDGE were in line with what the site lists as the average of 130Kbps with 840ms latency. I use the browser enough (like others) that I’m starting to look forward to 3G and 4-10x faster data rates, and hope AT&T doesn’t charge more for 3G service like this article suggests. AT&T’s 3G coverage would be fine for my area.

The strangest behavior I’ve seen on the iPhone is that it is often faster to use Gmail from the browser than the built-in Mail app. The Mail app can display “Connecting…” for 10-20 seconds before then quickly downloading the messages. Subsequent checks are fast, so I’d guess it is related to IMAP authentication, but who knows. Others seem to report the same problem, but I haven’t found an explaination or solution.