Standing Room Only

Tonight was the 16th Web Innovators meetup in Cambridge. The event has grown huge, clocking in at around 400 people. Due to general exhaustion a couple quick thoughts, bullet-list style:

  • As usual, there were several demos that had potential. I liked the political quiz and information site Could be a good way to learn more about candidates, which I think I would benefit more from locally than nationally. And parking-spot finder SpotScout could be useful for city-dwellers.
  • There was the usual refrain of "what is your business model?" with an answer of "targeted ads *garbled*" (while wildly hand waving). Rod & I joked there should be t-shirts made up with "How will you make money?" on the front, and some AdSense ads printed on the back.
  • I took photos of the speakers, with mixed results. The room is quite dark, with a bright white screen behind the speaker. I tried bouncing a flash as well as without the flash and raising the ISO. The results are noisier than I would like, but Lightroom helped salvage a few of them. Good learning experience at any rate. </ul>