The Boston Globe is reporting that a member of Red Sox Nation was assaulted while in New York working a construction job. Carlos Ortez (almost “Ortiz”, right?!), of Quincy, was jumped by two men after watching the Sox beat the Angels on Wednesday. The two men were arrested and charged with second-degree felony assault. Ortez is in intensive care with multiple facial fractures, after having a “heated exchange” that may have started with having affirmatively answered that he had pride in Boston.

This is how wars start. At the rally in Boston for winning the AL East the crowd quickly broke into a cheer of, wait for it, “Yankees Suck”. Bill Simmons wrote about the Red Sox-Yankees Armageddon which might be narrowly avoided because both attackers are from middle of nowhere Pennsylvania (and the Yankees got rocked by the Tribe at the Jake.) Do the Sox have a feud with the Phillys or Pirates now?