This Cadillac ad was on in the background, and I wasn’t paying attention (not being a Grey’s fan) until the last 10 seconds when a familar riff burst forth. It was “Stars” from Hum! Yes, mid-90s era Hum! And I’ll admit it did make Kate Walsh driving her Cadillac seem more rockin’.

I ask you - how the hell did Hum not end up being huge? I know I’m a sucker for their songs (and not alone), but still. It is so bitter-sweet to hear the radio occasionally play their most popular single, “Stars”, and I end up yelling, alone, in my car that they should play anything, anything off “Downward is Heavenward”. It is almost ten years old, and still feels like it is from the future. How can you not like a band that has lyrics about benzene rings? Or songs like Dreamboat that are now forever lodged in my brain:

You swore the earth was round And you said that there was no upside down I hit the starshift left, let the parallax slip Like you showed me in the lighthouse And I did the math and it came up 1s and 0s