Simplify Media released a program to easily share your iTunes library with friends, and listen to theirs. Translated to webspeak, “Im in ur iTunes, streaming ur muzak”.

I installed Simplify Media’s program to share my iTunes collection online, and so far I’m impressed. This fits the bill for what I’ve wanted to share my iTunes to my friends and another computer of mine. They have Windows and OSX clients that stream the music smoothly after a 2-3 second delay. (I’m currently streaming an early Battles album my friend has, without any hiccups.) The shared music libraries show up within iTunes, without any playlists.

It is free to use, but does present a minimizable window with links to Amazon for the music you’re listening to. Unlike tools like ourTunes or MyTunes it isn’t limited to a local network or about stealing music. If you attempt to listen to a shared DRM-protected song it will ask you to authorize your current computer, which sucks if it is your friend’s music. Yet another reason to avoid DRM’d music. But overall a simple way to hear a new band your friend discovered, or demonstrate your superior music tastes.