Summer TV is often pretty thin gruel. I’ve liked past seasons of Entourage, but this season is flat. The elements are all there, but something is missing. Thankfully Flight of Conchords has been picking up the slack and steadily improving with each episode (except last week’s). The big laughs come from the songs, but Bret and Jemaine’s understated performance are amusing and likable. I was impressed with their songs until I found out they have been doing this act as stand up for years.

Their funniest song on the show to date is Think About It – the part about “slave kids” making shoes is hilarious. The Conchords parody other genres like rap, with their Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros (is it safe to say “motherflippin’” at work I wonder?), and reggae. Tonight’s episode looks to feature the best song they have on YouTube, Business Time. To paraphrase one of their songs, at the moment they are the funniest guys in the room.