One thing still missing from my photo setup is an automated way to collect GPS data. Ideally it would be captured when the photo is taken, and by a device instead of entering it in after the fact (both because it can be tedious and is easy to forget exactly where you were). Most everyone agrees that eventually cameras will include a GPS receiver in them, but not many cameras do yet. The recent announcement of the $150 JOBO photoGPS GPS receiver that fits in the hot shoe of a digital SLR (via John Nack) is a potentially nice middleground.

The other option that I’m looking at is getting a small GPS device and using it with RoboGeo or WWMX to geotag the images. One option would be the $100 Sony GPS-CS1 (which works with more than just CyberShot digital cameras despite the name). My main goal is that the geodata will be saved with my photographs, and not soley in a service like Flickr or Smugmug. I want to enter my metadata just once using Lightroom or from the camera itself, and export it when uploading to Flickr.