I’m a New Yorker fan and have been for a while. Yet whenever I read a story I’d like to share with friends, it seems to be among the ones they don’t have listed on their site (not even for subscribers!). For example, the most recent New Yorker that showed up has an interesting George Packer piece about the anthropology of insurregency and the use of the global telecommunications in “the long war”. I wanted to give a link to some friends, and, of course, that 1996-era website newyorker.com doesn’t have it.

But there’s hope. I recently saw that the newyorker.com has a site redesign coming in February, 2007. Hopefully it will include their full content, searchable archives, and something to help their google juice because they rarely show up even when I know there is a New Yorker article I’m searching for. And who knows, maybe the Reddit guys and their alien can help our their monocled Conde Nast cousins add some interactivity to the site.

Update: Now the Packer article is online. It’s not linked to from the front page and I suspect it was put online because David Brooks linked to it in his year end wrap of interesting writing in 2006. (Brooks’ article is also behind a walled garden on the NYTimes Select.)