It begins, again. This blog has a new home thanks to a recent great deal at DreamHost which registered and hosted a domain for less than $10 for the year! I wasn’t even looking to sign up, but I couldn’t pass that up. It’s like walking past a twenty dollar bill or passing up free cake. And so far, DreamHost has been great. Registered the domain and the DNS update happened quickly. Timely emails were sent as everything came together. The admin panel is good, and their “1-click installs” are slick. Which is how the new blog format came to move to WordPress. I’d been using an older version of MovableType that was showing its age, primarily in it’s incapability to stop comment spam. So far, my simple blogging needs have been met. And it is, um, just a little nicer than the homebrewed one I wrote way back when this whole affair began. Hopefully this will be the first of many posts in the new home. And maybe there will be even more swearing.