Haven’t posted anything in a long, long time but I’m aiming to get back into the routine. In my absence this site has been getting absolutely hammered with comment spam. It isn’t visible on the site, but once the spammers learn the right URL, they just don’t let go. And being as lazy as I am, I didn’t get around to fix it till just now.

Recently I took a pass through a couple different blogging tools in hope of finding one that I like better than MovableType. Nothing quite does it all - Wordpress, Blojsom, and JRoller each have some features better than each other, but have some fatal flaw for my usage. Wordpress has a slick editing UI, but it should it make it easier to have multiple blogs out of a single installation. Blojsom is solid, but my hosting doesn’t support servlets. And I can’t bring myself to spending hours editing tons of scripts to get the layout and form the way I want it. A UI for design like TypePad would be better, but without paying anything. Although at this point, most people likely read blogs through RSS so it probably doesn’t matter what the site actually looks like.