My last name is Champion. That’s right, my name is also a noun - it’s pretty crazy. Today I got a random IM from someone at work who had me confused with another Champion:

<donaldw> Hey there champion of justice <Michael Champion> hey, that’s me. <Michael Champion> who are you? <donaldw> don w - faithful sidekick

Over the years I’ve heard all the possible comments about my name, but almost everyone makes the same joke, “What are you the Champion of?” said with silly grin on face. I’m too bored by it to be try to be witty anymore and have abandoned my old standard of “your mother”. Now I’d just like to research if this is a global phenomenon - to see if the Champions in Europe are asked the same question, in their respective languages - and then hold an international Flanders-like reunion Champion conference. And that damn Queen song will not be played.

Everyone making the same joke is kinda depressing because they all think they are being uniquely clever. It’s like reading the profiles on Friedster where everyone sounds so similar - “she’s so thoughtful and fun, always up for a crazy time out or just relaxing at home”

Brian: You are all individuals! The Crowd: Yes! We are all individuals! Brian: You're all different! The Crowd: Yes, we ARE all different!