A pair of good comedian articles this week. Will Ferrell interviewed in the OnionAV and SNL headwriter Tina Fey profiled in the New Yorker. Among the funny bits of hers they quote, I liked this one from Weekend Update:

President Bush was criticized this week for not having a clear stance on the Middle East crisis. You know what? Good. The only people with a very clear stance on the Middle East are the crazy people in the Middle East. I've had it with all of them. Yasir Arafat? Don't talk to us in English and say, "I agree to a ceasefire," and then turn around in Arabic and be like, "Hassan, let's do this." O.K.? We're onto you. We've got like two bilingual C.I.A. guys now. We know what you're saying. And Sharon? When you're storming West Bank towns and bulldozing people's homes? Try not to look like ya love it. 'Cause ya kinda look like ya love it.

In both interviews though you get the impression that while they are both hilarious, neither are how they appear on screen. Ferrell seems normal and sedate, and Fey a little reserved and caustic. It always seems that comedians are among the more depressed.