This is a great moment to be a Red Sox fan, with Ortiz stepping up yesterday give them the lead over the A’s and Williamson pitching two great final innings. It’s down to a game in Oakland, and possibly an American League Championship Series with the Yankees. If that happens, I’m predicting many anxiety-related deaths among those in the so-called “Red Sox Nation”.

And I think there is a bit of media bias in the coverage of the come-from-behind victory yesterday: the NYTimes reports “Red Sox Live Another Day”, when a much more accurate statement is found in the Globe’s headline “Red Sox Machine Still Roaring”.

Or, if you are not into such things, maybe you can get excited about something else like, um, it being the first Monday in October and the Supreme Court opening its new term. But it’s hard to get excited about records like “10 years without a turnover on the Court” when the Curse might be broken.


What a finish to the A’s series - Bring On the Yankees!