I left my heart in San Francisco (okay, actually Palo Alto) where I watched the Red Sox lose the heartbreaking 7th game to the Yankees. The bar was definitely pro-Sox, which was comforting (even erupting in a spontaneous “Yankees Suck” chant). Now that they lost I can see that it would have been out of character for them to win. What would sports writers do during winter if they didn’t have Grady Little to rip apart for his decision to leave Pedro in? What would people live for in a post-Curse world?

golden gate bridge
People watching the Blue Angels fly overhead.

On the plane out west, I read an article on the attraction of the Golden Gate Bridge to jumpers. It reports on the unsuccessful attempts to put a barrier up that would save lives, but damage the aesthetic of the bridge. (Luckily we visited before the Sox lost, so no one was too tempted.)

Walking in the city, it dawned on me that Boston is a little quaint. It just doesn’t have the same edge that a city like San Francisco or New York does. But it’s not as imposing either.

along route 1
Took a drive down California 1.