I’ve been frustrated with cell phones recently, after my Sony-Ericsson T68i got damaged; the result of my dropping it and the poor design that has a very breakable volume slide on the side. I had bought the insurance so I thought it would work out well, and it would have if I wanted the phone they deem to be comparable, the Nokia 3650. Nice phone, but not at all what I want, mostly due to how large it is. “Can I choose a different phone”, I ask? “No”, they reply.

So instead I bought a Nokia 6100, which so far I like a lot better than the T68i. Better reception / form-factor / screen / functionality, and I like the Nokia interface more anyway. It’s a little amazing to me how hard it seems to find a provider with reasonable plans, wide coverage and good phones (having GSM helps here). I really just want a phone (not a camera / PDA / computer) that works where I go for a decent price - but I’d guess that isn’t where they make their money.