The Boston Globe reports that a “flash mob” will be performing some stunt on Thursday in Harvard Square around 6pm.

I’m curious what it will be. It seems like they would need to be on par with an MIT prank to get noticed.

In New York City, hundreds of people burst into applause on the mezzanine of the Grand Hyatt hotel at 7:12 p.m., then quickly disappeared.

In San Francisco, about 200 came out of nowhere to whirl like dervishes across Market Street, attracting confused stares from tourists.

Now, the new phenomenon called a ‘‘flash mob’’ is coming to Harvard Square.</i>


It happened last Thursday.

News cameras weaved among a densely packed crowd and photographic flashes flickered over a sea of DaVincian smiles on the second floor of the Harvard Coop yesterday evening as local media turned out to watch hundreds of Boston-area residents pick out greeting cards for their friend Bill.